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We’ve served the North Texas area since 1991.  And, while many plumbers have come and gone, our customers have relied on us to be there and do the job right.

Our areas of specialty are:

  • New Construction
  • Custom Homes / Tract Homes
  • Gas Lines – Installed & Repaired
  • Camera Inspections
  • Hot & Cold Water Leaks Under The Foundation/Slab
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Isolation Tests
  • Replace/Reroute Sewer & Drain Lines
  • Replace/Reroute Water Lines
  • Water Heaters & More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a slab leak an emergency?

Because unseen leaks beneath your slab can cause serious damage to the concrete foundation that supports your house — and your home — it’s crucial to locate the leak and repair it as soon as possible.

What are some signs of a Slab Leak?

Sounds of running water when nothing is turned on, high water bills, or an increase in foundation cracks could be signs of a leak under the slab.

Can I ReRoute a Main Drain?

Sometimes, Rerouting a main drain can be an alternative for fixing slab leaks. However, you should consult a plumbing professional like Our Plumber to  analyze the options.


Happy Customers

“Terry Waters came out to help us determine whether or not we had a leak that was caused by our washer, water heater etc. He has all the proper equipment! Our French drain is constantly flowing with water so we were concerned. Turns out that it is probably just our water sprinkler that has a leak! So glad to know it isn’t something major!”

“We were totally pleased with Our Plumber. Terry explained everything in simple terms and did what needed to be done in an expert manner. Will definitely call them again for any other plumbing issues!”

“We had a leak in our main drain and could not find any other plumber with the experience or know-how to quickly identify the location of the leak. Our Plumber not only found it quickly, but was able to repair things and put everything back in good shape. I recommend them for the expertise and professional service!”

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October 6, 2021

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September 10, 2021

Check out our new website at ourplumber.org!

September 10, 2021

Check out our new website at ourplumber.org!

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